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Angela DiMarco 2020 Reel
Such An Honor (Dark Comedy)
The Parish (Supernatural Horror)
The Fool (Family Film)
The Scottish Play (Comedy Series)
Borislav (Comedy)
Unsilent Night (Action)
Znation (SyFy TV Series)
True North (Thriller)
It’s Hidden Within (Psychological Thriller)
Green Fiction (Sci Fi Cannabis Series)

Career Highlight: Ira Finkelstein’s Christmas aka Switchmas

Directed by Sue Corcoran
Christmas obsessed Jewish boy on his way to sunny Florida figures out how to get the Christmas of his dreams by trading airline tickets and places with another boy on his way to snowy Christmastown, WA. Starring Elliott Gould, David Deluise, Angela DiMarco and Elijah Nelson as Ira.


Theatre Press…

BOEING BOEING (Seattle Repertory Theatre)

“Angela DiMarco is a spicy meatball of madcap fun as the quick tempered Gabriella” Talkin’ Broadway- David Edward Hughes

“Gariella (Angela DiMarco) is the feisty and sexy Italian. It is a far cry from her previous role as a lawyer in Azeotrope’s production of “Jesus Hopped the A Train.” Writer of Pop- Jeffrey Totey

Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors (Annex Theatre)                                           “…they are owned, body and soul, by a corporation. And they’re bedeviled by a harsh, foul-mouthed taskmaster of a manager, Melody  (a funny-scary Angela DiMarco)…” The Seattle Times- Tom Keogh

“The title characters are clownish childhood friends of Hamlet, played with delightful twin-style timing by Angela DiMarco (Rosencrantz) and Alyssa Keene (Guildenstern). They’re first seen betting on coin flips, puzzled that they’ve come up with “heads” 92 times in a row. Could a supernatural force be involved?”
Read the entire review here.

Here is the link to the’s interview with Alyssa and Angela covering the challenges of tacking the roles of Rosencrantz and Guidenstern.

TROUT STANLEY (Balagan Theatre)
“And, this is truly an actor’s play and all three performers shine in their roles none more so than Angela DiMarco as the agoraphobic Sugar. It’s a tough part to pull off, the character in the play that is the most obviously unhinged and the one that has the biggest character arc. Sugar’s nervous tics, quirks and fears could be overplayed by less seasoned actors, but DiMarco is able to make Sugar’s twitches both believable and touching. And the luminescence she exudes by the end of the play manages to enlighten not only the character and the play but fills the audience with hope and peace as well. Ms DiMarco manages to pull off the impossible of being an actress equally gifted with the comedic and the dramatic.”
Read the entire review here.

“Angela DiMarco and Issaquah native Jennifer Lee Taylor, who play Cecily Cardew and Gwendolen Fairfax, respectively, are simply delightful with their wit, joy and spark.”
Read the entire review here.

Here is a link to the Village Vault, Village Theatre’s blog, for a story on Ms. DiMarco’s work in Earnest.

“Angela DiMarco fiendish as the scheming Lucy Steele…”
Read the entire review here.

reasons to be pretty (ArtsWest)
“Angela DiMarco’s portrayal of Steph is moving, engrossing and most importantly, realistic. Whether engaged in a fit of rage, or having a vulnerable breakdown, DiMarco’s choices for her character were believable and realistic.”
Read the entire review here.

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