I’m baccckkkkkkk!


It has been way too long! Bad actor, baaadddd! But it’s all for a VERY good reason! We, Mighty Tripod Productions, joined forces with Joey Johnson and tackled our first feature film, Paralytic.


Mighty Tripod has done many successful short films but this will be our first feature length film that we produce and star in. David and I dove into powerful roles, and loved being on both sides of the camera. We put together an INCREDIBLE cast and crew and now are full steam ahead into post production.

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We have major production value with the epic locations we filmed at and our stellar DP, Domenic Barbero. From a cabin on a lake in the woods, to city hall, and all the way over to the magical surroundings of Cave B winery on the Columbia River.


Paralytic is a story about Carson (David S. Hogan), a contract killer who is hired but the new Patron to take down the Mayor.  Carson will join a team of other skilled killers, Anton (Deron Brigdon), Lance (D’Angelo Midili), Clarissa (Angela DiMarco), all managed by Sergio (Richard Carmen). Once Carson meets Clarissa, everything changes for the good and the bad.


The film will take you on Carson’s journey and the present journey of Alice (Darlene Sellers), a small town sheriff who comes upon a dead body at the cabin. A film full of Greed, Lust, Murder, Loss, and the new Patron’s obsession with Paralytic Serums.



I cannot wait to share this film! I learned so much during this process, I already want to put all that into another Mighty Tripod Production. But for now, we will take it one MIGHTY film at a time.



Twitter: @ParalyticMovie


Facebook: Paralytic – A Feature Length Thriller


Miles is a Mighty Tripod Production, written and directed by Jeremy Berg. image

When David and I read the script, we couldn’t wait to bring it to life! We gathered a stellar crew and shot over a weekend. Miles is a psychiatrist, struggling with his private practice.

Then Maggie Keyes comes into his office and her story starts to make him think. A psychological thriller about loss and living.

What Breaks You Often Makes You.

Speaking Out. Anti-Bullying.


I grew up poor, born and raised in the projects of Whitecenter. After my Dad’s death, my Mom had to work 3 jobs to provide for Me and my older sister. Then my Mom met the love of her life, her wife of over 28 years. My sister and I took 3 metro buses across town to attend Summit K-12, an alternative School of the Arts. I had a reading disability and was grades behind until Mrs. Pennington took me under her wing. I signed with an agent when I was 8 years old and started diving in.

I wouldn’t change a thing about my parents, or how I was raised…but it was the people, the bullies who broke me down, throwing words, fists and leaving me scarred…

“You’re Short” “Flat Chested” “Ghetto” “K-Mart Kickers” “Trash” “Clown Face” “Your Mom’s a Leather Dyke” “Dumbass” “Rat’s Nest Hair”

From the age of 7 years old till about 13, I was torn down. There was one girl and boy who went out of their way to beat me down emotionally and sometimes physically…

High-school was better but a whole other kind of self-discovery. I blurred College with substance and creation to escape. Then when I was 20 years old, I moved to Los Angeles and it all started again. On top of back to back partners who made me feel invisible…

“You need a boob job” “Lose weight” “get botox” “Get a nose job” “You’re too ethnic” “You’re too short” “Afro hair”

Why am I posting this? Because I feel like many of us push forward, smile for the camera, and keep battles to ourselves. But battles are better won with an army! How I wish I knew how to not let them slowly chip at me until I broke.

It took me years to find myself again, my Mom and sister, have ALWAYS been by my side and make me a stronger woman. Then 13 years ago, I met David S Hogan, the first partner who makes me feel beautiful, loved and needed EVERYDAY.

And I have to give a special thank you to my Directors of #BridesToBe, Lindy Boustedt, Kris Boustedt and the cast and crew. I was surrounded by people who made me feel welcome, cared for, talented, sexy, and respected.

This is a difficult career to tackle, let alone LIFE is hard enough. Surround yourself with people who love you for YOU. Never let someone else tell you what you are or who you should be. My New Year’s resolution will be to listen to myself, do what’s best for me, and follow my own advice…

Be Daring. Be Honest. Be YOURSELF. Be Mighty.

2014 is a ride I will never forget…

photo 3

Once again, LIFE has taken over and I haven’t posted in months. This is both good and bad…

THE GOOD…I told myself at the end of last year, I wanted to do another play, 3 feature films and be on TV. Thinking I could challenge myself to do even more than 2013. Well, I challenged myself, I dove in and I met that challenge and then some! I am beyond honored to have worked on these projects in 2014…


GRIMM “Last Fight” (Co-Starring role Lanie)



The Foreigner at Village Theatre (Catherine Simms, a Southern Belle)




The Device with The October People (Paranormal Thriller)

Legends From the Sky by Travis Holt Hamilton (Action, Ancestry & Amazing Locations)

Worst Laid Plans directed by CB Shamah (Comedy about a tattoo parlor)

Beta Test with Mirror Images by Nicholas Gyeney (Action)

Brides To Be with First Sight Productions (Horror with same roles from Together Forever)


Together Forever with First Sight Productions (Lesbian Film about Love)

MILES by Jeremy Berg (Thriller about a man’s internal struggle)

Refraction by Bruce Stead (Drama about love and loss)

Karma Gettin’ by Mighty Tripod Productions (Comedic Silent Film)

Closing Time by Don Manning (Drama about a woman’s past)

ESPER by Mighty Tripod Productions (Sci-Fi Thriller)

The Perfect Pieces by Krk Nordenstrom (Dark Comedy)


Chop Socky Boom (Comedic Web-Series, Carmen a Italian/Russian Producer)

By Gods Grace (Family Feature Film, Karen Taylor the loving mother)

I loved each of these roles for very different reasons. Abby, in The Device, pushed me further than I have ever gone on stage or screen. Working with Jeremy Berg was an Actor’s dream come true. He let me build and layer the character and he would come in and sculpt it. The Device won Audience Favorite from it’s premiere in the Local Sightings film festival. The film comes out in December and I will be giving my family thrilling stocking stuffers😉

My NBC, network television debut was on GRIMM, “Last Fight” as Lanie. It was an incredible experience, like no other I have tackled as an actor. Multiple cameras, working with the lead actors of the 4 season series, fast paced and a demanding emotional role. I am ready for more!

I tell me students, peers and post that as an Actor, DON’T WAIT, CREATE! So in between these feature films that I had leading and small roles in, I would jump into short films. Our company, Mighty Tripod Productions, produced 2 more awards winning films (Karma Getting’ and Esper) and will release MILES before the year is out.

And then there is TOGETHER FOREVER written and directed by Lindy and Kris Boustedt. This short film about two women in love, became a YouTube viral video within a week. The attention, comments, and film itself inspired us to create BRIDES TO BE. This is a feature film about Jenna and Robin the day before their wedding. However, the mansion they plan to say “I DO”, is trying to pull them apart, literally. We will finish filming in December 2014 and cannot wait to share this MIGHTY film with you next year!

All of these projects kept my creative juices flowing and gave me experience to share with our MTP students. My husband, David S. Hogan and I have been offering workshops, classes and private coaching in the NW. We continue to fill these spots with hungry actors who want to hone their craft and grow. Watching our students learn, encourages me and reminds why I do what I do.

THE BAD…Like a roller coaster, if you go up, you must come down. I am grateful for my creative success this year but loved ones ALWAYS come first. We had to say goodbye to our Lily Love last week. Lily was our one eyed Lhasa Apso that we rescued years ago. She became a companion to Vida, our Mighty Tripod who passed away of bone Cancer two years ago. Lily was diagnosed with heart decease and battled it for over a year. Like her sister, Vida, we gave her the best medical attention, meds, diet and LOVE. In late June of this year, we brought home BRUNO. A playmate, brother and sidekick to Lily. Bruno is also a rescue, about 2 years old and an energy ball. His playfulness brought out a puppy in Lily. In no time at all, they were napping together, chasing one other and became family.

This month, the battle for Lily became more of a struggle and we decided she shouldn’t have to fight anymore. David and I do not have children but these dogs were our babies. We brought them into our lives, cared for them as family members, they inspired us, and gave us their unconditional love. Saying goodbye to them breaks my heart, leaves me feeling empty and often lost. No loved one can ever be replaced, nor will they ever be forgotten. When we rescued Vida in Los Angeles, she changed our lives. Adding Lily years later made our family complete. Now the two of them are reunited and running free without pain. For all my dog loving readers out there…snuggle them, love them, and listen to them…they will let you know when it is time to say “I love you and will see you again”.



It has been way too long since I posted last. Since I wrapped on my magical experience in Legends from the Sky, I jumped into a 48 hour film festival, then a short film, a co-starring role on a TV show, a feature film, my CSB episode is about to hit the public, My sister is making movies again, we are almost ready to launch MILES, The Device is about to screen locally, Trauma screened in LA, and I started writing a play. PHEW!

First up, our company, Mighty Tripod Productions, did another 48 Hour Film Project. This is where you pull a genre on Friday, and have 48 hours to film, edit, compose and turn in a FILM! It must be 7 minutes in length, or less. Each Team pulls their own genre but we all had to incorporate these elements…

A Fly Swatter

A character named Darin or Dana Stumme who is a Massage Therapist

The line of dialogue “No Way. Never Again.”

Team Mighty Tripod pulled SILENT MOVIE! We had a blast! Our Director, Ben Rapson was amazing to work with. Our writer, Todd Downing, created an amazing story. We twisted Chris Taylor’s arm to DP for us again. Our crew was beyond mighty! And I got to act alongside David S. Hogan (of course), Sara Coates, Tony Doupe, and Sharva Maynard. We also added some adorable dogs to the mix, WINNING! Our film ended up winning Best Cinematography (Taylor), Best Musical Score (Brendan Patrick Hogan) and Best Costumes (Lisa B. Hammond & K.d. Schill). Our FAB editor Brad Strain should have won an award for edited a SILENT FILM, not an easy task. We are so proud of our film, Karma Gettin’.


Then I went across the water, to Port Orchard and step into the shoes of Lynette in Closing Time. This is a powerful short about a woman struggling to forget the past and then HE walks back into her life. I was fortunate to work opposite Mr. Benjamin Andrews. The writer Don Manning wrote a great story which would easily lend itself to a feature film…

closing Time

Then I was cast in my first role on national TV!!! I cannot talk about this yet but, trust me, I will post pics and details soon.

The Feature Film I am thrilled to be a part of is, Brides To Be! This is written and will be Directed by the Dynamic Duo, Kris and Lindy Boustedt. I cannot wait to dive in this Winter and start filming! The film revolves around the same two women in the short film, Together Forever. Carollani Sandberg and I will reprise the roles. Joining us, as the best friend, is the hilarious and talented Jesse Lee Keeter. Robin and Jenna are getting ready to walk down the aisle and say I DO. But it’s the day before the wedding, and the venue they chose isn’t what they expected…and it could be a deadly decision. Is their love strong enough against the darkness that lays within this mansion?


Are you ready to laugh? Do you want to see some ninjas? Ever wonder what NW talent is like if they all come together and create? Well, start watching Chop Socky Boom! After years of hoping, dreaming, and making “please cast me” faces…I was cast in the role as the Italian/Russian beyond Moody Producer, Carmen. Subscribe, get caught up and watch as the new episodes are released weekly. Darlene Sellers and Heath Ward ROCK!


Finally my phenomenally talented sister is writing and making movies again! And guess who she wants to work with? ME! We dove right into From The Debris, a silent film in four segments (Water, Fire, Earth & Air)…What would you do if your darkest wishes could come true? We cannot wait to share it and jump into our next film…

photo (11)

SCREENINGS!!! David and I can’t wait to launch our next short film, MILES. We hope to do so later this month OR will be screening in Northwest Horrorfest…if we can submit it in time. Our first ever 48 Hour Film, Trauma, was an official selection and screened in Hollyshorts in Los Angeles. This psychological thriller keeps going and going! AND the time is HERE! The Device, an alien thriller both David and I starred in, IS DONE! Not only is it done, it is screening in Local Sightings AND Tacoma Film Festival (October 14th) AND it comes out on DVD in December! We had the chance to do the DVD commentary, so we got to see it twice! David and I were very pleased and cannot wait to work with the Gents at The October People again. What do all three of these films have in common? They are ALL directed by the AMAZING, the TALENTED, the CREATIVE Jeremy Berg. You are incredible my friend.


The device banner

WOW! It has been a crazy and creative Summer. I would like to add a special shout out to my agents, Topo Swope and Tim Crist. I have been with Topo Swope Talent for over 17 years and I can’t wait for the next 17 to come! Both Topo and Tim are so supportive in all that I do, they always have my back as an artist and as a friend. THANK YOU!

A HUGE loving thank you to my MOM and Mama Sue! For neverending support keeps me creating so I can make you laugh, cry and dream. I LOVE YOU BOTH TONS!

What about when I wasn’t on set? Well, in my down time, yes I had some, I started writing again. Since I joined the Theatre Union, Equity, I seem to get less opportunity to work on the stage…and I miss it. Even more so, I miss acting on stage with my husband, David S. Hogan. I feel blessed that he and I have been in many films together this year. But there is something about being on stage with him…I can’t explain it but I LOVE IT. So I am MAKING myself an opportunity. Thus the tilte of this post, DON’T WAIT, CREATE! So I am writing a powerful 3 person one act which I will be producing next year on a main stage. I am beyond ecstatic about this play. It has just continued to flow out of me and onto the page. But I am going to take my time and just enjoy writing again. I have been finding places in nature to sit, soak in my surroundings and BE. It is when our minds are at ease that creation can grow.



That is it for now. I will have NEW REELS coming soon. I want to get that TV clip on there🙂 Until then…BE MIGHTY!

~Angela DiMarco


Small roles/projects can often lead to MIGHTY experiences!


This year has been a busy one for me. So when things slow down, sometimes I get a little depressed or think I am, all the sudden, lacking talent or beauty. Yes, I may be know as “Mama DiMarco” in my community, always cheerful and helpful…but I am not perfect. So when I get in those slumps, I start being even more proactive. What auditions are out there? Large or small parts. Are there any features or student films going on? And/or I start creating my own projects, writing, directing or producing. So I was pretty down a few weeks ago, and I found a small role in a feature coming to Neah Bay, Washington. I submitted myself, a video audition which was only a couple pages. I thought nothing would come of it…then I got the call from the Director and he wanted to cast me! This indie feature, small cameo role, shoestring budget, took me to Neah Bay for 2 days of filming and has become the most incredible filming experience in my life to date. We filmed for 6 hours on the OCEAN! We had whales swimming alongside us, we took the boat into caves, coves and under cliffs. On land, we filmed in hidden bunkers, were 4-wheeled into shooting locations and our cabins were on the ocean shore. THIS is what they mean when they say “there are no small parts, only small actors”. Many actors may have looked this role by. Many actors may have wanted more pay or not want to do an “indie feature”. But we need to keep honing our craft and what better way then by DOING and BEING. On top of all that, my director even threw a curveball my way and asked if I could add one of my dialects to the role. So I let him hear what was in my accent arsenal and we went with British. We wrapped yesterday and now I am back home still smiling ear to ear. Keep your eyes peeled for Lydia, the British Scientist in Legends from the Sky, a UFO Native Thriller.


I’m GREAT! Or do you want the truth?


I'm GREAT! Or do you want the truth?

From the outside in, it is always easy to assume how one is doing. I have had a busy and blessed year so far. I have an incredible husband, loving family and mighty friends. But all of that being said, the past few years have been some of the hardest years in my personal life.

In our careers, as actors, we see each other at events and always ask “How are you? What are you doing?” People want the answer to the first question to be “I’m GREAT!” As for the second question…well, it’s sometimes genuine or loaded with a deeper subtext. I feel we tend to tell each other “I’m GREAT!” because that is easier, because that is what we may feel is expected, or needed…

I have very few really close friends, those I would tell anything to. This is my choice, since, as an Actor, so much of our lives are public. I am blessed to have a huge group of good friends, who I talk to, play with and love dearly. And then there is the amazing Theatre and Film community full of people I know and admire.

But I wanted to post because I was recently asked “how are you?” Before I quickly responded with “I’m GREAT!” I looked at them a moment and asked “Do you want the truth?”…they said they did and I started to cry, and I started to share, and I felt free.

This was not one of my closest friends, or even a friend I see often, this is someone in my life, who in that moment, really did want to know how I was. It is moments like these that make me think, and feel. It is moments like these that remind me, when we are truthful with our emotions, we experience an amazing freedom.

I know how easy it is to put on that mask, to smile and nod and move forward in life. But if we all took off our masks, never assumed, and let go…I imagine us all exhaling for the first time, together.

So, I really want to know…How are you?