Ira Finkelstien’s Christmas in SIFF 2012!!!

I am so proud, humbled and blessed to have worked on such a wonderful film. Ira Finkelstein’s Christmas is a Feature Film that I was cast in and shot last Winter, 2011. It’s all about a happy Hollywood family… Max Finkelstein (David DeLuise) is a hard working producer and director of films that “Make the World You Want To See”. The mom, Rosie Finkelstein (Me), just started up her “Event Planner to the Stars” career and she has a very special first client. Then there is Ira, our son, who only wants ONE thing in the whole wide world… To celebrate Christmas 🙂 One small problem… we are Jewish. Comedy unfolds left and right, Elliott Gould plays Grandpa Finkelstein and TONS of local Seattle Actors fill the rest of the amazing cast. I have never had so much fun on and off set. The Crew was wonderful! And Sue Corcoran is one of the best Directors I have ever work with on stage or screen.

2012 hits and it’s announced that our film is going to be in SIFF!!!! IRA is screening in 3 different venues and 2 of them have SOLD OUT! I  went to the SIFF venue in Everett today to see the film for the second time. I loved it even more! The young talent in this film will make you laugh, cry and probably sing 🙂 I had so many friends come out today to support me and the film. It was nice to be reunited with many of the cast and crew. Sue and I sat together and poked each other in the legs throughout the film, a kind of “We done good” 😉 I have been so busy this year, I was part of a web-series (Ghost Sniffers), I am currently working on an industrial (Quest Diagnostics, see earlier post) and am in rehearsal for my next show (Jesus Hopped the A Train at ACT). So I hate that my web blog has been pretty bare since it first “launched” in February. But a day like today needed to be talked about 🙂

So far, 2012 has certainly been a great artistic year and I can’t wait for the next door to open and for my Director to yell ACTION!


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