I was born and raised in beautiful Seattle, Washington. But after College I moved to Los Angeles and gave it a go. I loved the weather, the grind, and possibilities but missed my family. I dove into professional Theatre back in the NW and then met my now husband, David S. Hogan. Together we moved to Los Angeles so he could give it a go. He loved the weather, the grind, and possibilities…but I still missed my family. So now we are back in Seattle but love to visit and still work in Los Angeles. One of our acting coaches, Steven Anderson lives there, so we signed up for his LA workshop in October.



We were able to audit several other workshops, including the inspiring Anthony Meindl. We soaked up Los Angeles like we never had before. This time it was all on our schedule, no rushing, no pressure, just BEING.


We went to Venice beach for a whole day and loved every ray of the California sun. David even met a special furry girlfriend.



Not to mention we acted like tourists and went down the “Walk of Fame” which lead to us tipping many heroes for “letting us” take pictures with them.



Above and beyond the workshops, the sites and the sun, we met new people who made a MIGHTY impact on both of us.1422426_10153418107065626_1508215607_n

This trip could not have been better. We did what we planned and more. We worked on our craft and met new coaches. We had delicious coffee and food with old friends and new ones. David Strasberg was able to meet us for a coffee, which ran over 2 hours and we could have kept talking. Our casting director pal Paul Weber invited us to a hilarious evening at the Theatre. David and I both felt like we were back to LIVING in Los Angeles



Leaving was hard but once we were back home, it felt great. One thing is for sure, we have many relationships in LA that we plan to nurture and continue to grow. We are both actors and now producers with our own company, Mighty Tripod Productions. So the sky is NOT the limit, we aim for the stars and beyond. As long as we are happy, healthy and living in the NOW, life is MIGHTY!


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