48 Hour Horror Film Project (TRAUMA)


When David and I returned from our trip to Los Angeles we dove right into the Seattle 48 Hour Horror Film Project. We put together an MIGHTY Team and couldn’t wait to get started!


Actors: Angela DiMarco, David S. Hogan, Wonder Russell, Lisa Coronado and Rick Walters

Crew: Jeremy Berg (Director/writer), John Portanova (AD/writer), Chris Talyor (DP), Mitch Shepherd (sound), Nocky Dinh (AC), Charles McDowell (Gaffer), Cody Lewis (Key Grip), Ben Shahabi (Grip)

Post: Kris Boustedt (Editor), Ed Hartman (Composer)

FX of all things bloody and scarred: Jana Hutchison

And most important on a Mighty Tripod/Mama DiMarco set, CRAFTY: Amy Goetz

How the 48 HHFP works, first and foremost, Kirk Nordenstrom keeps it running smooth and then…FRIDAY: All 30 team leaders gather in one location and pull their Genre of Horror. We are all given a prop, character and line to be used in our films. 7pm Friday the magic begins! You have until that Sunday (48 hours) to write, film, edit, score and deliver your short Horror film. Not only did we turn ours in EARLY (5:30pm) but we had an amazing time on set and off, creating this mighty film.

Prop: Pineapple

Character: Lyle or Lucinda Pendergrass

Line: “That’s it I’m going back to school”

Team Mighty Tripod pulled Psychological

TRAUMA is a psychological thriller about a woman (Mallory played by yours truly) who can’t forget the demons from her past, they seem to haunt her day and night.


Friday night, David and I went over to our Director/Writer’s house, Jeremy Berg. His partner in crime, John Portanova (AD) was there and the four of us hit the ground running. I brought food, of course, because a happy cast and crew is a well fed cast and crew. We tossed around ideas, fine tuned and locked in. The boys (Jeremy and John) kept communicating with me throughout the night. Until we sent our final draft off to the whole Team before Midnight.

Saturday the whole crew was called at 7am at a local park. Our DP, Chris Taylor had found the perfect spot in the park to shoot.


David and I were the only actors called for the first scene of TRAUMA. A woman jogging, a man lost, he asks her for directions…darkness follows. We spent the rest of the film at Miss Wonder Russell’s house, she opened her home to us and was also in the film! We stayed on schedule and we wrapped earlier than expected.


Our editor Kris Boustedt worked his editing butt off all Saturday and night. Jeremy, Chris and I headed to over at 11am and we all worked on the final cut. Just like on set, things ran smoothly, people were respectful of each other’s input and we got TRAUMA finished. Jeremy and I drove over to the drop off in a daze of amazement and sleeplessness. We were ON TIME!

48 on time

The screenings of all 29 films was on the following Tuesday, November 12th, 2013. I sat next to David, with most of our cast and crew in the same row. I had butterflies throughout the films prior to ours…and then…our film started…on the huge screen in front of 100s of our peers…it was MIGHTY! I have never felt so proud, humbled and grateful. Someone in the audience screamed “I want to see it again” when our credit started to roll. David and I both are still receiving tweets, posts, emails or in person raves about TRAUMA. Then the best of all, our peers and film goings patrons that night, votes us Audience Favorite…I am speechless.





TRAUMA coming to a screen in your home soon!

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