My name is Angela DiMarco and I am an ACTOR

I started acting at a very young age. Growing up extremely poor, my mom worked 3 to 4 odd jobs and my big sister and I would have to entertain ourselves. I often would do impersonations to make my sister laugh; I love to make people laugh. My favorites were Robin Leach, Hulk Hogan and Pee Wee Herman. One day I was spotted by a talent agent, as I was dancing around doing my Pee Wee act in a shop. The agent approached my mom…the rest is herstory.

I’m writing today because I find that I am constantly learning, honing my craft and expressing more and more of my own life through my art. I get lost in each role, whether it’s on stage or screen. Recently I was asked “Why did you quit doing Theatre?” This person knew I had just wrapped the feature film The Device. I replied “I didn’t quit Theatre!! I just came off of doing The Foreigner at Village”…Rewind to 2013, I’m on stage as Gabriella in Boeing Boeing at the Seattle Repertory Theatre. After the show, I see a friend of mine and they ask “So you’re not doing film anymore?”…

After my last show, I did think about taking a “break” from the stage and throwing myself deeper into film work. I auditioned a ton, networked even more and I’m now slated to do three more films this year! But then some amazing Theatre opportunities crossed my artistic path and my heart swelled with excitement. How can I pass these up? So I am diving into those opportunities as well.

I am an ACTOR. I am not just one thing, film actor or stage actor. I am an ARTIST. For the past 30 years I have continued to hone my craft, train with professionals and learn from each project I do. I am a STORYTELLER. Each person I have become on stage or in film has become a part of me. Each time I get to BE in those moments, telling each story, I forever change and grow.

I understand why people may ask me if I have left one medium or the other. A show can take 3 months or more of your life in the Theatre. A film can shoot for 15 to 45 days, then hits festivals, sales, theatrical release and more. But know that I could never walk away from either of these platforms that I love. I also know that saying no to great opportunities, great scripts, is silly. An Actor shouldn’t shut those doors that are opened to them.

As a teacher, and head of the Youth Division at our company, Mighty Tripod Productions, I tell my students, every audition is a job, every gig is an opportunity, and every day is your own. As Artists, we should stay on the path that we love, a path that inspires and fulfills us. Today was a good day because I found myself at peace. At peace with my life, with my career and my path. That doesn’t mean I will get lazy and assume things will just fall into my lap. That doesn’t mean that I won’t feel a bit empty about that part I didn’t get last week. That doesn’t mean that life is flawless and birds are flying around my head signing a pretty song. All it means is I am happy.

Today I feel at ease, proud, excited, blessed and thankful to just BE. So if any of you are wondering, let me introduce myself…My name is Angela Marie DiMarco and I am an ACTOR.


The Importance of Being Earnest as Cecily (Village Theatre)



Worst Laid Plans as Betty (Film, Creative Differences)


TRAUMA a Mighty Tripod Film


The Taming of the Shrew as Bianca (Seattle Shakespeare Company)


SIFF 2014 Opening Gala (Seattle International Film Festival)



By Gods Grace as Karen Taylor (Film)


SIFF 2013 (Renton Opening Gala)Image



Jesus Hopped the A Train as MaryJane (Azeotrope at ACT)


TRAUMA a psychological thriller (Mighty Tripod Production)


Together Forever as Robin (Film, At First Sight Prods)


Boeing Boeing as Gabriella (Seattle Repertory)


The 13th of Paris (Seattle Public Theatre)


The Device as Abby (Film, The October People)Image

The Foreigner as Catherine (Village Theatre)


The Device (Horror film)


Angela DiMarco


1 thought on “My name is Angela DiMarco and I am an ACTOR

  1. Beautifully stated Angela. I’ve done many jobs in my life but discovered early on that acting was my passion. I too have had the question about giving up one thing because you happen to be working on another – it’s a bit like asking parents who have a second child what they plan to do with the first. As actors there is very little in life that we can learn or do that doesn’t feed our craft. Please add writer to your list of talents.

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