2014 is a ride I will never forget…

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Once again, LIFE has taken over and I haven’t posted in months. This is both good and bad…

THE GOOD…I told myself at the end of last year, I wanted to do another play, 3 feature films and be on TV. Thinking I could challenge myself to do even more than 2013. Well, I challenged myself, I dove in and I met that challenge and then some! I am beyond honored to have worked on these projects in 2014…


GRIMM “Last Fight” (Co-Starring role Lanie)



The Foreigner at Village Theatre (Catherine Simms, a Southern Belle)




The Device with The October People (Paranormal Thriller)

Legends From the Sky by Travis Holt Hamilton (Action, Ancestry & Amazing Locations)

Worst Laid Plans directed by CB Shamah (Comedy about a tattoo parlor)

Beta Test with Mirror Images by Nicholas Gyeney (Action)

Brides To Be with First Sight Productions (Horror with same roles from Together Forever)


Together Forever with First Sight Productions (Lesbian Film about Love)

MILES by Jeremy Berg (Thriller about a man’s internal struggle)

Refraction by Bruce Stead (Drama about love and loss)

Karma Gettin’ by Mighty Tripod Productions (Comedic Silent Film)

Closing Time by Don Manning (Drama about a woman’s past)

ESPER by Mighty Tripod Productions (Sci-Fi Thriller)

The Perfect Pieces by Krk Nordenstrom (Dark Comedy)


Chop Socky Boom (Comedic Web-Series, Carmen a Italian/Russian Producer)

By Gods Grace (Family Feature Film, Karen Taylor the loving mother)

I loved each of these roles for very different reasons. Abby, in The Device, pushed me further than I have ever gone on stage or screen. Working with Jeremy Berg was an Actor’s dream come true. He let me build and layer the character and he would come in and sculpt it. The Device won Audience Favorite from it’s premiere in the Local Sightings film festival. The film comes out in December and I will be giving my family thrilling stocking stuffers 😉

My NBC, network television debut was on GRIMM, “Last Fight” as Lanie. It was an incredible experience, like no other I have tackled as an actor. Multiple cameras, working with the lead actors of the 4 season series, fast paced and a demanding emotional role. I am ready for more!

I tell me students, peers and post that as an Actor, DON’T WAIT, CREATE! So in between these feature films that I had leading and small roles in, I would jump into short films. Our company, Mighty Tripod Productions, produced 2 more awards winning films (Karma Getting’ and Esper) and will release MILES before the year is out.

And then there is TOGETHER FOREVER written and directed by Lindy and Kris Boustedt. This short film about two women in love, became a YouTube viral video within a week. The attention, comments, and film itself inspired us to create BRIDES TO BE. This is a feature film about Jenna and Robin the day before their wedding. However, the mansion they plan to say “I DO”, is trying to pull them apart, literally. We will finish filming in December 2014 and cannot wait to share this MIGHTY film with you next year!

All of these projects kept my creative juices flowing and gave me experience to share with our MTP students. My husband, David S. Hogan and I have been offering workshops, classes and private coaching in the NW. We continue to fill these spots with hungry actors who want to hone their craft and grow. Watching our students learn, encourages me and reminds why I do what I do.

THE BAD…Like a roller coaster, if you go up, you must come down. I am grateful for my creative success this year but loved ones ALWAYS come first. We had to say goodbye to our Lily Love last week. Lily was our one eyed Lhasa Apso that we rescued years ago. She became a companion to Vida, our Mighty Tripod who passed away of bone Cancer two years ago. Lily was diagnosed with heart decease and battled it for over a year. Like her sister, Vida, we gave her the best medical attention, meds, diet and LOVE. In late June of this year, we brought home BRUNO. A playmate, brother and sidekick to Lily. Bruno is also a rescue, about 2 years old and an energy ball. His playfulness brought out a puppy in Lily. In no time at all, they were napping together, chasing one other and became family.

This month, the battle for Lily became more of a struggle and we decided she shouldn’t have to fight anymore. David and I do not have children but these dogs were our babies. We brought them into our lives, cared for them as family members, they inspired us, and gave us their unconditional love. Saying goodbye to them breaks my heart, leaves me feeling empty and often lost. No loved one can ever be replaced, nor will they ever be forgotten. When we rescued Vida in Los Angeles, she changed our lives. Adding Lily years later made our family complete. Now the two of them are reunited and running free without pain. For all my dog loving readers out there…snuggle them, love them, and listen to them…they will let you know when it is time to say “I love you and will see you again”.


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