Sniff Sniff… no not SIFF but SNIFF as in Ghost Sniffers

Earlier this year I had the honor of working with my sister (Jennifer DiMarco) on her Web Series, Ghost Sniffers. This Series follows Faith Forge (my niece Faith DiMarco) who can SNIFF out GHOSTS. Her brother Maxo (my nephew Max) helps her out with his kind heart and creative ideas. My sister is a Published Author, Director, Producer and an amazing Mom. My niece is type one diabetic and my nephew is autistic. My sister wrote Ghost Sniffers hoping to create a platform for special kids to be role models and heroes. The first few episodes are very funny and introduce a lot of the main characters. After Episode 3 things start to get a little darker and Faith Forge has to battle some pretty intense villains. My husband, Actor, David S. Hogan appears in a few episodes as well. Jennifer holds regional auditions and has already cast tons of local talent. I was thrilled to be cast as Green Dawg alongside my real life best friend, Meg McLynn, who plays Gypsy Star. Together we are GREEN STAR, a hip hop duo with a positive message. We will appear in episode 10, don’t miss it!

Check out the website and watch the episodes that have already posted. You will fall in love with Maxo and cheer on Faith every step of the way. This series has given many kids a voice, and a message that difference is beautiful and is what makes us unique.




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