Hop that Train


I  am currently working with Azeotrope Theatre on Jesus Hopped the A Train. Tomorrow we start tech at ACT as part of their Centrail Heating Lab. This is one of the most powerful plays I have ever worked on. The story takes place on Rikers Island, following the story of two men in Prison. Lucius Jenkins, a man who may go to Death Row. And Angel Cruz, who is charged with attempted murder and I come into the story as MaryJane, Angel’s Public Defender. After years of practicing Law, MaryJane has been struggling to care about anything she does in the courtroom. Then she meets Angel, hears his story and she feels something and needs to know what it is. This play asks many questions… What is the Greater Good? What is wrong? Is there a God? How far would you go to help a friend? The cast has some fresh Seattle faces and some Seattle Veterans. Rehearsal has been such a ride, I look forward to rest of the trip!

Get your tickets for this A Train before it’s gone…

Jesus Hopped the A Train

June 15th- June 30th

ACT 700 Union Street



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