Hello DiMarco Fans and Friends! I am sorry I have been away for almost 2 months!! But I was on a much needed vacation and adventure to Edinburgh Scotland 😀 It was an amazing trip and I have come back to The States with a greater appreciation of the Arts, my surroundings and how I face each day. From the moment we stepped foot on Scottish soil, people were nothing by kind, helpful and because of that inspiring. Everyday my husband and I walked 10 to 15 miles. We saw all the beauty, history and novelties that Edinburgh holds. What we did not plan but were thrilled to find out, we arrived in the middle of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Over 400 venues and thousands of shows. we met so many artists, from buskers, comedians, dancers, to musical geniuses. Of course we took advantage of this timing and saw some shows. Each one different from the next and each held its own powerful message or artistic impact. It had me thinking everyday…as an artist, do I embrace and love every project I do? Do I chose projects that inspire me and others? Or am I just an actor? Just working to work, paycheck to paycheck?

I think back 11 years ago, September 11th, I was in rehearsal for a play and then the planes hit the twin towers…I remember sitting there watching the TV as the second plane hit…tears rolling down my face…sobs I could not control and yet I could not move…we were slated to open the show that week…later that day our Director sat us down and ask us how we all felt, does the show go on? We did push forward, we put on the show and every night we sold out to people who NEEDED to get away from the pain, to escape the darkness that had filled our country and hearts. I have never received that amount or more heart felt gratitude from an audience as I did for that show. From that day on, 11 years ago, I knew I would only do projects that brought something positive to myself and others. I call myself an artist because I live and breath creation, it completes me. Whether I am on stage, in front of a camera, writing a screenplay, teaching others or producing, I give 100% and nothing less.

The people of Scotland we met lived life each day to the fullest, they took nothing for granted. They were happy to drive a taxi, run a museum, do stand-up, wash dishes, or dance for living. They held a respect for their city, its monuments and the story that went with each one. We felt lucky to have lived 2 weeks in such an amazing place. Never forgetting to say HELLO and stopping to smell the flowers, gaze at the highlands or be in awe of the clouds that painted the sky every day.

Coming home was bittersweet but I looked forward to embracing Seattle in a way I had never done. I was born and raised in Seattle and have always thought it was a beautiful city. There was a time when everyone said HELLO and people were not as scared as many Americas are now. I am not, by any means, going to dance around Seattle, care-free and throwing money in the wind and kissing strangers. However, I already see my city differently. The sky is just a bit more blue, Mount Rainer is a bit mightier and the people smile because I am also smiling ear to ear. I have thrown myself into our Production company (Mighty Tripod). within a week of our return, we produced a short film (Enmity) with an amazing cast and crew. I have opened myself to more opportunities that will challenge and fulfill my artist’s hunger. By week two of our return, that hunger had me auditioning for 3 Feature Films and 2 web-series. Feeding the Artist in me is just as important as the relationships in my life.

In 2012 I have met such incredible people! People I would now call friends. Even more than before, I am making a point to share time and work with people who are supportive, true and dare to be MIGHTY. I continue to feed the strongest component of myself, my heart. My husband, David S. Hogan makes me feel important, special, loved and cherished. A man who can always make me smile and laugh. Our laughter together is infectious. Also 11 years ago, I met this man and knew he would become my husband.

Last but never least, my family. It was so hard to be away from my family and my in-laws. I speak with my mother EVERY day… not in Scotland. I see my Mother in-law almost once a week… not in Scotland. The phone card I purchased did not work and the 8 hour time difference made things a hassle. Of course there is the world of the inter-web. So many emails were exchanged. It was also the only way we could see our girls (dogs), via Skype. But I felt an emptiness I have never felt. My family is very close, my mother and I even closer. When we landed in Newark for our lay before flying back home, I called my Mom first thing. Her voice, her love, her wisdom and support my entire life has made me the woman I am today.

I know this post covers a lot of how I have been feeling since an amazing trip. But it also has a lot to do with today, the day, September 11th. Life is so short but you can make it full by living in the moment and as mighty as you can be. LOVE MIGHTY. LAUGH MIGHTY. LIVE MIGHTY.

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