We as Actors…

Life just keeps happening while you try to make plans. From here on out, I am going to write a new post once a month.  I will keep posting videos, press, pics and updates on my website pages. So don’t forget to check those out 🙂

I felt a strong need to write tonight. This year is almost over, Thanksgiving is around the corner and then 2013! We as Actors, often judge how we are doing by how many projects we’ve worked on…instead of what they meant to us and others. Sometimes we as Actors, get caught up in what connections we have and who we know…instead of embracing the loved ones that are always there to support and nurture us. Way too often, we as Actors, beat ourselves up if we don’t get cast in this film or that play…when we should be celebrating the audition and that experience, good or bad.

I have felt all those things and more. But I remind myself WHY I do what I do. When I was just a little girl, my Great Grandmother (Nanny) was in her bed at her nursery home. She would literally throw her slipper at the TV and tell me (in Italian) that it should be Me on the TV. That her little Angel should be the one shining on the screen for all the world to see. She told me I made her happy,   brought a smile to her face, I filled her heart. She loved having me perform for her, talk to her and tell her stories. She let me be free. I knew then and there what I wanted to do for myself and others. I wanted to be an Actor, to make people smile, which would make me feel happy too.

I have never regretted stepping into this career. I have been scared, felt lost and have had my heart pulled in many directions as an Actor. But I KNOW this is what I am supposed to do. Every play, every film, even a toilet paper commercial brings something to someone. A smile, a good cry, a hearty laugh and so often a much needed escape. How amazing that we as Actors, can offer that to the world.

As 2012 comes to a close, I look back and can’t help but think of my Nanny. She would have loved to see me Nominated at The 2012 Gregory Awards for such incredible plays. I know she would be watching the Finkelsteins in All I want is Christmas, over and over and over again. I can feel her warmth and how proud she is of me and David for started Mighty Tripod Productions. By doing so, nothing can stop us from continuing to create and share. I thought of my Paternal Grandparents when I recorded with Todd Downing on Airship Daedalus. They both loved radio shows and played the Green Hornet for me as a kid.  I love that my Mom, being an amazing farmer herself, can’t wait to watch Locally Grown. And my incredible Mother in-law constantly supporting my projects, like The New Jack and the thriller Quanta.

I will keep pushing, learning and teaching everyday.

My name is Angela DiMarco and I am an Actor


6 thoughts on “We as Actors…

  1. An honest and beautifully written essay. You are indeed mighty and talented, loved and appreciated. Congratulations on 2012 and break a leg in 2013!

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