I’m baccckkkkkkk!


It has been way too long! Bad actor, baaadddd! But it’s all for a VERY good reason! We, Mighty Tripod Productions, joined forces with Joey Johnson and tackled our first feature film, Paralytic.


Mighty Tripod has done many successful short films but this will be our first feature length film that we produce and star in. David and I dove into powerful roles, and loved being on both sides of the camera. We put together an INCREDIBLE cast and crew and now are full steam ahead into post production.

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We have major production value with the epic locations we filmed at and our stellar DP, Domenic Barbero. From a cabin on a lake in the woods, to city hall, and all the way over to the magical surroundings of Cave B winery on the Columbia River.


Paralytic is a story about Carson (David S. Hogan), a contract killer who is hired but the new Patron to take down the Mayor.  Carson will join a team of other skilled killers, Anton (Deron Brigdon), Lance (D’Angelo Midili), Clarissa (Angela DiMarco), all managed by Sergio (Richard Carmen). Once Carson meets Clarissa, everything changes for the good and the bad.


The film will take you on Carson’s journey and the present journey of Alice (Darlene Sellers), a small town sheriff who comes upon a dead body at the cabin. A film full of Greed, Lust, Murder, Loss, and the new Patron’s obsession with Paralytic Serums.



I cannot wait to share this film! I learned so much during this process, I already want to put all that into another Mighty Tripod Production. But for now, we will take it one MIGHTY film at a time.



Twitter: @ParalyticMovie


Facebook: Paralytic – A Feature Length Thriller

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