Filmapalooza 2017 in Seattle!

The time has come! Filmapalooza is here! Like, really HERE, right in SEATTLE! What is Filmapalooza? It’s an amazing international film festival celebrating all the “BEST of the City” winners from 48 Hour Film Projects all over the world! And since we, Team Mighty Tripod, won last year for our Dark Comedy, One Step Too Far, we are screening in Filmapalooza! The festival started yesterday and our film was one of the kick-off films to the festival. I have already met filmmakers from numerous cities in the USA and outside the country. Beyond the accolades, I just love gathering in a Theatre with artists who #DontWaitCreate. We all want to tell stories, inspire, and share it with the world! If you are in the NW and want to see over 150 films, or even just 10 films, come to one of the Filmaplooza screening blocks and soak it all in! For more details on all the parties, panels and screenings go to… Filmapalooza on Facebook.

Our film is dedicated to my Father In-Law, James Hogan, who passed away a few weeks after we wrapped the film. Daddy Jim always brightened the room, he found light within any darkness.


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