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Mighty Short Films


Mighty Short Films

While on stage at Village Theatre, I have been filming on my one day off a week, Mondays. Those days off lead to creating two mighty short films that I am beyond proud of. The first was Miles, a thriller about a man trying to help a woman lost within. I got the chance to work opposite my husband, David S Hogan. We were directed by the phenomenal director Jeremy Berg, who also directed Trauma. Miles is currently in post and will screen in a festival near you! For more about Miles…

Miles a Mighty Tripod and October People thriller


HAPPY 2014!


HAPPY 2014!

The New Year has started off with an artistic bang! Excuse my lack of posting but I have been a busy bee. I am so grateful for the amazing projects I have been working on the past three months. During all the filming and coaching my Mighty Tripod students, I have been on stage too! When I say busy, I mean BUSY. To wrap up 2013 I started rehearsal for The Foreigner at Village Theatre. I had the honor of being directed by Brian Yorkey again. He is not only an award winning writer but also an incredible Director. I stepped into the Southern Belle shoes of Catherine. The show takes place in the 80s, so I have big hair, bright clothes and demand attention on that stage. With over 70 performances, it has been a wonderful experience with a MIGHTY group of artists. We close this Sunday, March 30th at the Everett Performing Arts Center. “I’m gonna miss you no end” ~Catherine Simms

TRAUMA voted “Audience Favorite”


We signed up for the 2013 Seattle 48 Hour Horror Film Project. We put together an amazing cast and crew. Team Mighty Tripod made a movie, a psychological thriller. We were voted “Audience Favorite” and we won “Best Scream”. We at Mighty Tripod Productions, that’s Me and my husband David, are so proud of this film. We cannot thank everyone involved enough and we cannot wait to make another 48 hour film! The challenge, the collaborating and the creativity is unparalleled. We have launched TRAUMA to the public, so you all can see it!

Walk into the nightmare…

Stay up to date on what the film is doing at our official TRAUMA facebook page.

48 Hour Horror Film Project (TRAUMA)


When David and I returned from our trip to Los Angeles we dove right into the Seattle 48 Hour Horror Film Project. We put together an MIGHTY Team and couldn’t wait to get started!


Actors: Angela DiMarco, David S. Hogan, Wonder Russell, Lisa Coronado and Rick Walters

Crew: Jeremy Berg (Director/writer), John Portanova (AD/writer), Chris Talyor (DP), Mitch Shepherd (sound), Nocky Dinh (AC), Charles McDowell (Gaffer), Cody Lewis (Key Grip), Ben Shahabi (Grip)

Post: Kris Boustedt (Editor), Ed Hartman (Composer)

FX of all things bloody and scarred: Jana Hutchison

And most important on a Mighty Tripod/Mama DiMarco set, CRAFTY: Amy Goetz

How the 48 HHFP works, first and foremost, Kirk Nordenstrom keeps it running smooth and then…FRIDAY: All 30 team leaders gather in one location and pull their Genre of Horror. We are all given a prop, character and line to be used in our films. 7pm Friday the magic begins! You have until that Sunday (48 hours) to write, film, edit, score and deliver your short Horror film. Not only did we turn ours in EARLY (5:30pm) but we had an amazing time on set and off, creating this mighty film.

Prop: Pineapple

Character: Lyle or Lucinda Pendergrass

Line: “That’s it I’m going back to school”

Team Mighty Tripod pulled Psychological

TRAUMA is a psychological thriller about a woman (Mallory played by yours truly) who can’t forget the demons from her past, they seem to haunt her day and night.


Friday night, David and I went over to our Director/Writer’s house, Jeremy Berg. His partner in crime, John Portanova (AD) was there and the four of us hit the ground running. I brought food, of course, because a happy cast and crew is a well fed cast and crew. We tossed around ideas, fine tuned and locked in. The boys (Jeremy and John) kept communicating with me throughout the night. Until we sent our final draft off to the whole Team before Midnight.

Saturday the whole crew was called at 7am at a local park. Our DP, Chris Taylor had found the perfect spot in the park to shoot.


David and I were the only actors called for the first scene of TRAUMA. A woman jogging, a man lost, he asks her for directions…darkness follows. We spent the rest of the film at Miss Wonder Russell’s house, she opened her home to us and was also in the film! We stayed on schedule and we wrapped earlier than expected.


Our editor Kris Boustedt worked his editing butt off all Saturday and night. Jeremy, Chris and I headed to over at 11am and we all worked on the final cut. Just like on set, things ran smoothly, people were respectful of each other’s input and we got TRAUMA finished. Jeremy and I drove over to the drop off in a daze of amazement and sleeplessness. We were ON TIME!

48 on time

The screenings of all 29 films was on the following Tuesday, November 12th, 2013. I sat next to David, with most of our cast and crew in the same row. I had butterflies throughout the films prior to ours…and then…our film started…on the huge screen in front of 100s of our peers…it was MIGHTY! I have never felt so proud, humbled and grateful. Someone in the audience screamed “I want to see it again” when our credit started to roll. David and I both are still receiving tweets, posts, emails or in person raves about TRAUMA. Then the best of all, our peers and film goings patrons that night, votes us Audience Favorite…I am speechless.





TRAUMA coming to a screen in your home soon!


I was born and raised in beautiful Seattle, Washington. But after College I moved to Los Angeles and gave it a go. I loved the weather, the grind, and possibilities but missed my family. I dove into professional Theatre back in the NW and then met my now husband, David S. Hogan. Together we moved to Los Angeles so he could give it a go. He loved the weather, the grind, and possibilities…but I still missed my family. So now we are back in Seattle but love to visit and still work in Los Angeles. One of our acting coaches, Steven Anderson lives there, so we signed up for his LA workshop in October.



We were able to audit several other workshops, including the inspiring Anthony Meindl. We soaked up Los Angeles like we never had before. This time it was all on our schedule, no rushing, no pressure, just BEING.


We went to Venice beach for a whole day and loved every ray of the California sun. David even met a special furry girlfriend.



Not to mention we acted like tourists and went down the “Walk of Fame” which lead to us tipping many heroes for “letting us” take pictures with them.



Above and beyond the workshops, the sites and the sun, we met new people who made a MIGHTY impact on both of us.1422426_10153418107065626_1508215607_n

This trip could not have been better. We did what we planned and more. We worked on our craft and met new coaches. We had delicious coffee and food with old friends and new ones. David Strasberg was able to meet us for a coffee, which ran over 2 hours and we could have kept talking. Our casting director pal Paul Weber invited us to a hilarious evening at the Theatre. David and I both felt like we were back to LIVING in Los Angeles



Leaving was hard but once we were back home, it felt great. One thing is for sure, we have many relationships in LA that we plan to nurture and continue to grow. We are both actors and now producers with our own company, Mighty Tripod Productions. So the sky is NOT the limit, we aim for the stars and beyond. As long as we are happy, healthy and living in the NOW, life is MIGHTY!


Wisdom Nuggets in 2013


photo (1)

After posting last night about the past few months, I see I left a TON out. Here I am again, after Day 2 of 3 with David Strasberg… I AM EVEN MORE INSPIRED!!! First of all, today in the Strasberg workshop, we dove back into our bodies and then text. I pulled out a monologue that I haven’t done in awhile. I am very passionate about it but wasn’t sure how it would feel now. So much happened! David Strasberg was able to ask me questions and I could then create possibilities and dive back in. FOCUSED. FRESH IMPULSES. TRUTH. Tomorrow will come and go too soon, but I know this is only the start of my work with Mr. Strasberg. I am not afraid to travel to continue honing my craft.


Other important projects I failed to mention last night…I worked with Tom Skerritt!!! I was called in to audition for his web-series, “Stroller Gangs”. A series about Moms, their kids and the lives they live and wish they could live. I got to audition for TOM, it was more like a meeting/interview than an audition. We met at a Starbucks and talked for over an hour. We found ourselves barely talking about the project and more about life, our families and passion for the Arts. I was cast and filming was a great experiencet! Tom was such a simple and humble man on set, even making fun of himself in the script. “Tom? Who, Tom Skerritt? Isn’t he like 150 years old now?”. I also got to work with some Mighty Seattle Actors, like Wonder Russell, Telisa Steen and Tabitha Bastien. We all can’t wait to start filming again next year.


Last month I was asked to take part in the Icicle Creek Theatre Festival. I have wanted to be part of the festival for years. Actors are selected, 2 playwrights are flown in, and 2 top notch directors take on each show. I was Maddy, a lover, a Marine Biologist and a woman who chooses work over her partner. The play was “A Perfect Robot” by Sarah Saltwick, Directed by Anita Montgomery and the cast were Seattle staples (Hana Lass, Connor Toms, Michael Patten, MJ Seiber, Julie Briskman and ME). We spent a week in Leavenworth, workshopping the script and then putting it on it’s feet for a public reading there and at ACT in Seattle. What a quick and dirty way to sink your teeth right into the text with it’s writer and then let it all go out onto the audience to hear and experience. I hope to do ICTF again.


I haven’t expressed how excited I am that Locally Grown had it’s premiere!!! There I was, Sheila Rhodes, fake British accent on camera and bitchy american off. I LOVED IT! We will also be filming more episodes next year and I think Seattle is ready for a witty and LOCALLY grown web-series. AND we did the Red Carpet and you know we love Red Carpets (See SIFF pic below).


PHEW! I am sure I may have forgotten a few more things but I need FOOD. It’s been such a fullfilling day, I find myself feeling so fortunate. It’s beyond loving to do what I do, Acting and teaching…it’s that I have been blessed to have my art truly become part of my life. I am happy. I am not what they call a “struggling artist”. And not because I work all the time, I don’t, I have see MANY roles pass me by this year. But I am not struggling because I embrace and live each day of my life in the NOW. It isn’t always easy. I will still get bummed when I don’t get a role or think of the future and all its “what ifs”. But then I bring myself back to the NOW, and remind myself of something even more important than my art…Its My Loved Ones.




arthurs seat The girls! (1)

The loss of our baby girl, Vida, was life changing. And more so because it came right after the passing of my Grandfather and Grandmother. It is loss like this that impacts your soul, the way you think, feel, live and perform. I am a different actor than I was 5 years ago. I am a stronger actor. I am a better wife. I am a better daufghter. I never took my loved ones for granted BUT I wasn’t always living in the NOW. I could live “in the moment” on stage and screen, no problem. But I needed to do so all the time. Life is so short, just like a play or a film, it all goes by so quickly. Never let one out weigh the other, it all is a part of you and you are a part of it.

Cherish every word and every silence…